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Film Culture Centre (Hong Kong) (“FCCHK”) is a non-profit arts organisation founded in 1999. Inheriting the legacy of its predecessor, “Hong Kong Film Culture Centre”, it continues to be focused on Hong Kong’s film, visual media and culture development.

Since its establishment, FCCHK has been actively involved in the arts and culture, film, education and general community. By organising various workshops, seminars, screening sessions, guided tours and competitions, FCCHK aims at promoting film culture to the public, and to elicit greater interest in film culture. In 2011, FCCHK underwent an exciting revival. After taking stock of our insight and experiences, we continue to host a variety of regular events which bring together the local film community and new talents while promoting local film culture. We hope for film and video culture to reach the community and our daily lives, bringing everyone closer to the film art.

Goals and Mission

.Promote of film culture and arts  films  through cross-media and cross-regional projects

.Cultivate film creation and production talents through diversified educational activities

.Expand the audience of non-mainstream films

.Establish a platform of exchange and communication between the film culture community and film lovers

Our Members

Life Honorary President and Consultants

Between 1981 and 2004, she was a director-cum-producer at the General Program Division of Radio Television Hong Kong, former  Chief Executive Officer of Hummingbird Music and former Managing Director of Global Entertainment Group. She has been the chairperson of Hong Kong Film Culture Centre from 1999 to 2019. She participated in administration and creation of over 100 TV, songs and films. She  produced and directed 22 award-winning documentaries and drama series. The works won numerous awards and attracted attentions. 

When she was the Managing Director of  Global Entertainment Group, she invested in Protégé (2007), co-produced The Coffin (2008) directed by Ekachai Uekrongtham and art film, Soundless Wind Chime (2009) , directed by Kit Hung. 

Nominated as the Best Actress for her role in the Allen Fong Yuk Ping-directed Ah Ying (1983) at the 2nd Hong Kong Film Awards, Hui has worked as an assistant director and performed in several television programmes at the Radio Television Hong Kong, including Dawn and Single Mother of the series Below the Lion Rock. She later joined Film BiWeekly and worked as the secretary of the organising committee of the Hong Kong Film Awards. She is currently a researcher at the Hong Kong Film Archive and has recently starred in Glamorous Youth (2009), A Simple Life (2011), May We Chat (2013), and My Prince Edward (2019).

Board Members

A cultural critic and columnist, Eric obtained his Master of Arts degree from the School of Chinese of the University of Hong Kong. He was a guest host atMetro Radio and a guest lecturer at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Passionately involved in the promotion of film and local culture, he is currently a board member of the Film Culture Centre (Hong Kong) and a member of the Hong Kong Film Critics Society. His writing has been published in Sing Tao Daily, City Magazine, as well as online media such as HK01 and p-articles.

A screenwriter and director, Tin graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a major in directing. Since graduation he has participated in a number of productions and directed Payback (2015) of the series Below the Lion Rock at the Radio Television Hong Kong. He has also acted as a mentor at multiple screenwriting and cinematography workshops.

After graduating from university, Grace started her career in the film industry as Screenwriter and Assistant Director. She wasnominated for the “Best Original Screenplay” in the 2000 Taiwan Golden Horse Awards for the film “Spacked Out”.

Grace joined Film Culture Centre in 2013, participated in promoting film culture and organising industry and community activities, and was responsible for curating projects such as “Film Salon” and “Movie Roving”. She was elected Chairperson from 2020 to 2022.

Also specialising in creative communication and public events, she was Business Controller of various multimedia infotainment online channels for two telecommunications companies. Grace is currently Director of MediaMix and IMX Studio. In recent years, she still has taken part in film-related projects and lectured in colleges in her spare time. Currently, Grace is teaching at Taiwan Pingtung University as an Assistant Professor of Creative Application in New Media Master Degree Program.

Bachelor of Arts at the University of Hong Kong, Master of Business Administration at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and at the University of Southern California in the United States concentrating in Technology and Entertainment. 

A film critic and independent film practitioner, Chang published his film essays in Flying Low (1998), edited publications such as An Uncalm Jianghu: A Discussion on the Domain of the Contemporary Martial Art Film (2002), My Own Private Cinema (2004), A City Within: The Urban Identities in Contemporary Hong Kong Cinema (2006), and co-edited The One and Only Edward Yang (2008). After completing the feature film After the Crescent (1997), he subsequently directed Among the Stars (2000), And Also the Eclipse (2003), First Born Unicorn (2008), and ‘Far Away Eyes’ in A Decade of Love (2008).

Beginning as a comics artist, Honkaz has taken on roles such as director, special effects designer, and art director since switching to advertising and film production. Also, he is the founder of the onebyone studio, board-member of Film Culture Centre (Hong Kong) and current chairman of the Cantonese Cinema Study Association, as well as a guest lecturer at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts (Film and TV).

A film critic, screenwriter, and director, Philip was nominated as the Best New Director for his 2008 self-directed feature film Glamourous Youth at the 29th Hong Kong Film Awards. His 2013 film May We Chat was selected at the Far East Film Festival in Udine, Italy. He received 7 awards for his 2015 film Port of Call, including the Best Film at the 22nd Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards, the Best Movie at the 19th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, and the Best Screenplay and the Best Cinematography at the 35th Hong Kong Film Awards.

Since 2012, William Yuen Wing Hong (Wei-gor) has been at the helm of “Wei-Gor Club”, a popular Facebook and Youtube channel focusing on Hong Kong films and televisions at the 1970s to the 1990s. He has interviewed major filmmakers such as Teresa Mo, Carrie Ng, Stephen Tung Wai, Chin Ka Lok, Fennie Yuen, etc. He has guest-lectured and given talks at the Hong Kong Film Archive, the Film Culture Centre (Hong Kong) and the Broadway Cinematheque. He began programming “Tai Kwun Laundry Steps” since 2021.


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Activity records

Since 2001, FCCHK has organised more than 200 sessions of screenings, over 100 sessions of lectures and seminars, dozens of workshops, guided tours and overseas exchange. 

2000 Presenter Re-genesis from Memories: a Millennium Digital Time Capsule by the New Generation of Hong Kong
Co-organiser Hong Kong Film Archive — Student Film Shows/Induction Seminars
Co-organiser Movie Show, Drama Forum, Video Workshop of The Home Standing
Co-organiser Children of Heaven — Family Films , Screenings at cinema 
2001 Presenter 2001 Hong Kong Film Odyssey
Co-organiser New Korean Cine-Force, Film Show
Co-organiser Mythical Films Original Scripts and Short Films competition 2001
2002 Presenter Workshop on Video Art in Education
2011 Presenter Seminar “Terence Malick: The Arts hid in daily life
Presenter seminar From The Tree of Life to Brave New World
Presenter Film Arts Seminar From Mr. Bill Lui
Presenter The Adapted Movie Series Seminar
Presenter Seminar Dialogue Of Silence
Presenter The first outdoor screening ── Hop(e)fully Yours Open-Air Premiere Party
2012 Presenter Music and Film Series Screenings and Lectures
Co-organiser Recording China ── Free Screenings and Post-Screening Seminars of Chinese Independent Documentary  
Co-organiser The Two Lessons For Movie Citizen: Brainwashing and student resistance
Presenter Screening and Post-Screening Forum of Last Ghost Standing  
Co-organiser Old Movies, Old Hong Kong ── Care For Our Hong Kong 2012
2013 Presenter Screening and Post-Screening Forum of Fantastic New World and Movie 
Co-organiser Film Screening and Forum ──  Hong Kong Literature in “Novel Clan”
Co-organiser Student Portfolio Exhibition of Community Video Project: “Livelihood in To Kwa Wan”
Presenter Screening and Forum of Dead Slowly (Special Screening Prelude For “Keening Woman”)
Presenter Special screening of Keening Woman
Presenter Independent Producer Workshop I
Programme Partner “Site of Constructions” Screening:Mobile images as a field for constructing art history (Presented by Asia Art Archive)
Co-organiser Old Movies, Old Hong Kong ── Care For Our Hong Kong 2013 
2014 Co-organiser Hongkong Tramways Limited 110th anniversary celebration activity ── “Carrying Our Culture and Life Stories”
Co-organiser “Hong Kong Records: TV Classics Revisited” Screening and post-screening talk
Co-organiser Old Movies, Old Hong Kong ── Care For Our Hong Kong 2014 
Co-organiser The Second Tower of Babel: Butoh in the Kowloon walled City (Presented by Asian People’s Theatre Festival Society)
Presenter Independent Producer Workshop II
Presenter “Everyday Rebellion”: Open screening and Post-screening talk
2015 Presenter Film Salon series 
Co-organiser Old Movies, Old Hong Kong ── Care For Our Hong Kong 2015
Presenter Special Screening and Post-Screening Talk of Glamorous Youth (2009)
Presenter Independent Producer Workshop III
2016 Co-organiser Old Movies, Old Hong Kong ── Care For Our Hong Kong 2016 
Presenter Cult Film Festival 2016
Presenter Film Salon II (8 talks& 4 screening)  (2016-2017年)
2017 Presenter Film SalonIII (8 talks& 4 screening)  (2016-2017年)
Co-organiser Old Movies, Old Hong Kong ── Care For Our Hong Kong 2017 
2018 Presenter The frst Japanese Animation Masterclass (Guest: Yuasa Masaaki)
Presenter Makes it ways: Short films-to-silver-screen 
Presenter The 2nd Cult Film Festival – videohead 
Co-organiser Old Movies, Old Hong Kong ── Care For Our Hong Kong 2018
2019 Presenter Audio Description Training and Promotion Programme of Film  
Presenter Film & Community Cultural Tour (Kowloon City & Yau Tsim Mong) 
Co-organiser Movie Roving @CICZCP 
Co-organiser Old Movies, Old Hong Kong ── Care For Our Hong Kong 2019
2020 Presenter New Journey of Dubbing  
Presenter The 2nd Japanese Animation Masterclass 
Presenter Short Film Script Writing Workshop 
Co-organiser Old Movies, Old Hong Kong ── Care For Our Hong Kong 2020
2021 Presenter Short Film Script Writing Workshop III 
Programme partner Tai Po Youth Arts Festival 2021 - video production & livestream coordination
Presenter ACG SPARKS – Anime & Dubbing Crossover Project
Presenter The 2nd Audio Description Training and Promotion Programme of Film