【FCC流動電影學堂 — Storyboard工作坊 2】

Architekture In Motion】

05  – 07 May 2023 @Hong Kong Arts Centre, Louis Koo Cinema 

5 screenings &  2 seminars 

“Architekture In Motion” is a film programme that includes both documentaries and drama films in order for audiences to appreciate the aesthetic value of architecture comprehensively. It is our goal that not only can our participants explore architecture through films, but they can also learn to understand films through the lens of architectural aesthetics. Furthermore, this programme also serves to cultivate the aesthetic sense of audiences and to stimulate local creators’ thoughts on architectural visualization. With such goals in mind, we would like to present to you a few selected short films made by new-generation filmmakers that features the visual aspect of architecture. Apart from the screening, we also have two seminars. The first seminar is called ‘Poetry of Concrete: Brutalist Architecture and Cinema’, which explores the appeal of brutalist architecture to filmmakers. The second seminar ‘A Spatial Cinema Manifesto’ will be hosted by Kal Ng, who will present his latest short essay film and share his long-time thoughts on spatial cinema with us.

【FCC流動電影學堂 — Storyboard工作坊 2】

Storyboard (故事板),拍攝開始前以圖像解說分鏡,標示運鏡方式、時間長度、對白、特效等。這是從文字劇本到具體影像呈現的第一步,一套擁有豐富想像力的電影,不是靠對白、情節推動劇情,而是以畫面的「動」與「靜」之間來推進劇情,營造張力。【FCC流動電影學堂】推出【Storyboard工作坊】,由馮慶強擔任導師,以動畫為例,分析其中的storyboard技法,解說如何構思及設計分鏡。討論例子:《新世紀福音戰士》(電視版 第十三集:使徒入侵-分鏡:岡村天齋 ; 第二十四集:最後的使者-分鏡:摩砂雪及庵野秀明)、梅津泰臣《A KITE》等

日期:18/11, 25/11, 2/12, 9/12 (共4堂,逢星期四上堂)

時間:7:30 – 10:00pm

地點:電影文化中心(香港) 會址(九龍土瓜灣旭日街19號雅高工業大廈4樓A2室)

收費:$800 | FCC Filmsters 會員$700




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早年從事漫畫,後轉至廣告及電影製作,擔任導演、特效設計、美術指導等工作,onebyone studio 創辦人。現任「香港粵語片研究會」主席及電影文化中心 (香港) 董事、香港演藝學院電影電視學院客席講師。