ACG SPARKS – Anime & Dubbing Crossover Project

Architekture In Motion】

05  – 07 May 2023 @Hong Kong Arts Centre, Louis Koo Cinema 

5 screenings &  2 seminars 

“Architekture In Motion” is a film programme that includes both documentaries and drama films in order for audiences to appreciate the aesthetic value of architecture comprehensively. It is our goal that not only can our participants explore architecture through films, but they can also learn to understand films through the lens of architectural aesthetics. Furthermore, this programme also serves to cultivate the aesthetic sense of audiences and to stimulate local creators’ thoughts on architectural visualization. With such goals in mind, we would like to present to you a few selected short films made by new-generation filmmakers that features the visual aspect of architecture. Apart from the screening, we also have two seminars. The first seminar is called ‘Poetry of Concrete: Brutalist Architecture and Cinema’, which explores the appeal of brutalist architecture to filmmakers. The second seminar ‘A Spatial Cinema Manifesto’ will be hosted by Kal Ng, who will present his latest short essay film and share his long-time thoughts on spatial cinema with us.

二次元氣彈動畫x 配音「隔空」交流

ACG SPARKS – Anime & Dubbing Crossover Project

電影文化中心將聯乘香港都會大學(前名:香港公開大學)動畫課程的學生,創作多條具本地特色的動畫短片,讓學生自由發揮可創作2D / 3D 動畫,同時開放動畫的版權,讓其他人可以為動畫重新撰寫內容及配音,進行二次創作,為動畫重新賦予其他意義,即使大家足不出戶,動畫學生與配音素人也可以隔空交流,交流不再受地域所限、併發火花。     

我們希望動畫與配音可走出錄音室,以線上形式,進行另類的交流創作,本地動畫課程學生以「香港」為主題,創作6部動畫短片觀眾同樣是參與其中的創作者,觀眾在提供的動畫短片中,揀選喜歡的短片,再自,行創作對白內容,並為動畫短片配上對白,將動畫短片進行二次創作。 完成創作後可遞交予FCC,遞交的作品將於FCC的Facebook 專頁 及 YouTube 平台發佈,仲可以獲得精美totebag! 網民也可以like支持喜歡的創作,動畫學生x 配音素人 x 觀眾可以喺二次元交流交流。 以下就係各位同學嘅作品!