Tai Po Youth Arts Festival 2021 - video production & livestream coordination

Architekture In Motion】

05  – 07 May 2023 @Hong Kong Arts Centre, Louis Koo Cinema 

5 screenings &  2 seminars 

“Architekture In Motion” is a film programme that includes both documentaries and drama films in order for audiences to appreciate the aesthetic value of architecture comprehensively. It is our goal that not only can our participants explore architecture through films, but they can also learn to understand films through the lens of architectural aesthetics. Furthermore, this programme also serves to cultivate the aesthetic sense of audiences and to stimulate local creators’ thoughts on architectural visualization. With such goals in mind, we would like to present to you a few selected short films made by new-generation filmmakers that features the visual aspect of architecture. Apart from the screening, we also have two seminars. The first seminar is called ‘Poetry of Concrete: Brutalist Architecture and Cinema’, which explores the appeal of brutalist architecture to filmmakers. The second seminar ‘A Spatial Cinema Manifesto’ will be hosted by Kal Ng, who will present his latest short essay film and share his long-time thoughts on spatial cinema with us.

日期 : 2021.02.27-2021.02.28

場地 : 網上進行

主辦單位名稱 : 大埔區議會社區重點項目工作小組及香港藝術發展局合辦

一年一度的大埔青年藝術節今年將於網上進行,無論是小朋友、青少年或老友記,各位安坐家中就可以參與互動,享受藝術!今年主題為《衝上雲端》,將透過各種精彩線上活動,包括「藝術工作室 X大埔藝術中心」、「齊齊學」、「互動工作坊」、「虛擬體驗」,為大家帶來全新藝術體驗。所有活動於大埔藝術中心YouTube頻道進行網上直播,誠邀大家加入書籤及訂閱!


藝術統籌:伍宇烈 (城市當代舞蹈團)

宣傳設計及製作 : MNV Workshop
宣傳短片音樂: 伍卓賢
訪問及導賞影片製作 : 電影文化中心(香港)