Old Movie, Old Hong Kong 2020

Architekture In Motion】

05  – 07 May 2023 @Hong Kong Arts Centre, Louis Koo Cinema 

5 screenings &  2 seminars 

“Architekture In Motion” is a film programme that includes both documentaries and drama films in order for audiences to appreciate the aesthetic value of architecture comprehensively. It is our goal that not only can our participants explore architecture through films, but they can also learn to understand films through the lens of architectural aesthetics. Furthermore, this programme also serves to cultivate the aesthetic sense of audiences and to stimulate local creators’ thoughts on architectural visualization. With such goals in mind, we would like to present to you a few selected short films made by new-generation filmmakers that features the visual aspect of architecture. Apart from the screening, we also have two seminars. The first seminar is called ‘Poetry of Concrete: Brutalist Architecture and Cinema’, which explores the appeal of brutalist architecture to filmmakers. The second seminar ‘A Spatial Cinema Manifesto’ will be hosted by Kal Ng, who will present his latest short essay film and share his long-time thoughts on spatial cinema with us.

「舊電影•香港情 - 老幼齊講戲 2020 」旨在於各區小學及長者中心/院舍放映香港舊電影,讓小學生認識舊時的社會倫理和歷史變遷的同時,亦讓老友記重溫當年香港的情與事。活動亦包括放映、映後導賞、長幼溝通工作坊及老幼觀影後對談,令電影文化、舊香港的歷史薪火相傳。