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【 5月流動電影學堂:漫遊北角 - 電影+社區文化導賞團 】






收費: 每位$200 





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查詢:2375 6618 王小姐/ 石小姐

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電影文化中心 X 蔡甘銓




最近金給十九歲的我》和《KJ音樂人生》引發一連串熱烈的討論,說明真正認識紀錄片這貼近人生,影響至巨的片種是如何重要。紀錄片一直以來都是香港電影最弱的一環。由1970 到2000 年只有12 部片公開上映。但從2000 年起基礎設施相繼出現,資助的渠道也續漸增加,本地的獨立紀錄片開始興旺起來。尤其是近年很多人用紀錄片紀錄及拍攝事件甚至支援社運。可以說2000年 至今本地獨立紀錄片已臻成熟更在當今社運扮演一個重要的角色。可惜這些作品種類繁多有些能否算作紀錄片還有待梳理,不會在這裡討論,但會追溯這類片的源頭到三十年代,介紹當今發展中顛覆了電影本質的「社會行動模式」並輔以精選文稿介紹多種不同的紀錄片和重要理念使大家短期內已能深入討論紀錄片。


> > > > > > > > 


  • 第1節:什麼是紀録片
  • 第2節:精彩繽紛的紀録片
  • 第3節:淺談紀錄片的發展,和近期的趨勢
  • 第4 節:兩個重要流派— 直接電影Direct Cinema和真實電影Cinema Verite 及觀察、參與、和自省(反觀)模式衍生的新類形和議題。
  • 第5-6 節: 紀録片是真的嗎?是有關真相?拍紀錄片牽涉的倫理問題

【第二部分:社會行動模式 (Social Action Mode)】

  • 第7-8 節: 如何有效用紀録片推動社會轉變 > > > > > > > > 


蔡甘銓熱愛電影,專門研究紀録片。八、九十年代先後在紐約唸電影及媒体。八十年代曾為徐克、林嶺東、成龍等工作。就任香港藝術中心電影及錄像部總監時(1990-2001)致力推動獨立製作、創辦IFVA(香港獨立製作的温床)和第一屆香港亞洲電影投資會(跟四個團體合作)。除了為藝術中心策劃電影節目(每月25﹣30 部)外也曾為紐約現代美術館,香港國際電影節、悉尼藝術節等提供節目。曾任CNEX (香港及北京);澳門、寧波,臺南等短片節;和香港、臺北、鹿特丹、柏林,山形及金馬獎等國際電影節不同單元的評審。2008-2020獲香港學術及職業資歷評審局委任行業/學科專家(電影)。 現為大學兼職講師教授紀錄片、電影理論、新亞洲電影、中國電影與社會等。

> > > > > > > > 


日期:2023年 6月6日、13日、20日、27日、7月4日、11日、18日、25日 (二)

時間:7:30- 10:00pm

地點:電影文化中心(香港) 會址(九龍土瓜灣旭日街19號雅高工業大廈4樓A2室)


收費:$1500 ( FCC Filmsters會員:$1380)



FPS 轉數快 :   (請註明參加者姓名)

其他付款方式請電郵至 查詢

查詢:2375 6618 王小姐/ 石小姐


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米蘭奇蹟 Miracle in Milan

導演 Director: Vittorio De Sica
編劇 Screenplay:Cesare Zavattini, Vittorio De Sica, Suso Cecchi D’Amico, Mario Chiari, Adolfo Franci
攝影 Cinematographer:G.R. Aldo
演員 Cast:Francesco Golisano, Emma Gramatica, Brunella Bovo

1951|意大利 Italy|黑白 B & W |96min
英語、意大利語對白,中英文字幕  In English and Italian with Chinese and English subtitles 



After leaving his orphanage, Totò ends up on a vast, barren field among other homeless people. Totò turns out to be a naturally gifted “urban planner”: he transforms the place into a structured and flourishing town with streets, and even encounters his dream woman Edvige. When oil is found in this shantytown, capitalists intend to take over their property and the police forces them to evacuate. Using the wish-granting powers by his stepmother Lolotta who passed away, Totò finally makes his wishes come true. De Sica creates this heartwarming tale for the poor, and pays tribute to the comedic style of Charlie Chaplin.

The scene of negotiation shows thick-walled Fascist buildings and ends with a scene at the Milan Cathedral. In addition to this neo-realist fable, one may wonder if De Sica is spreading an anti-architectural message to remind the audience of what makes a warm home is more than the building. 

獎項Awards: 1951Cannes Film FestivalGrand Prize

1951 National Board of Review AwardTop Foreign Films


心靈築動 Columbus  

導演/編劇  Director/Screenplay:Kogonada
攝影 Cinematographer:Elisha Christian
演員 Cast: John Cho, Haley Lu Richardson, Parker Posey

2017|美國 USA|彩色 Colour |104 min
英語、韓語對白,中英文字幕  In English and Korean with Chinese and English subtitles 



Arriving at a hospital in Columbus, Indiana, Jin stays to watch over his father who has fallen into a coma while being in town to deliver a lecture. Casey, who is a fan of architecture, strikes up a conversation with Jin, knowing that he is the son of the renowned architect. Casey is proud of Columbus, which is known as the “Athens of the Prairie”, and acts as Jin’s guide during his stay. Jin and Casey open up about themselves to each other in front of these modern architectural works. Jin reveals his estranged relationship with his father, while Casey confesses that her life restriction as taking care of her mother — the two share mutual feelings of loneliness and powerlessness.

The director, Kogonada, is a second-generation Korean-American. After traveling in Columbus with his wife, he is mesmerized by the town and is inspired to produce this debut film. With reference to the spatial juxtapositions of Antonioni and Ozu, Kogonada subtly places simple and parallel lines within seemingly asymmetrical compositions, as a way to quietly calm the inner struggles of the two protagonists.

獎項Awards:2018 Chlotrudis Awards – Best Cinematography


博塔:神遊空間 Mario Botta. The Space Beyond

*香港首映 Hong Kong premiere screening 

導演 Director:Loretta Dalpozzo, Michèle Volontè
攝影 Cinematographer:Mauro Boscarato, Ariel Salati, Chris McMillon

2018|瑞士 Switzerland|彩色 Colour |78 min
意大利語、法語、英語、韓語、普通話對白,中英文字幕  In Italian, French, English, Korean and Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles 



This architectural documentary follows the life of Swiss architect Mario Botta: his collaborative work with Giuliano Vangi, the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary in Namyang, South Korea, has commenced its construction; he is invited to Yinchuan to inspect and build a mosque; audiences are reviewing Botta’s “journey to sacred spaces”  while looking through old photos with Botta’s family, which all began with his first construction of a Parish house in his hometown Genestrerio. The directors also feature the Cymbalista Synagogue and Jewish Heritage Center of Tel Aviv University as well as Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista in Mogno, all of which have a breathtaking presence.

A recipient of numerous prizes, Botta’s works neither pursue progressive technicality, nor indulge in multifunctionality. Within his signature design of curvilinear brick walls, Botta seeks to find the balance between sacred and secular, and the connecting point between the confinement of shapes and the infinity of heaven and earth.


森山君住好啲 Moriyama-San  

*香港首映 Hong Kong premiere screening 

導演 Director:Ila Bêka, Louise Lemoine
攝影 Cinematographer:Ila Bêka

2017|法國 France|彩色 Colour |63min
英語、日語對白,中英文字幕  In English and Japanese with Chinese and English subtitles 



Moriyama San and Ila Bêka, who met by chance, were discussing Japanese avant-garde music when Moriyama decided to bring Bêka back to the “Moriyama House” and show him his collection of Otomo Yoshi albums. Seeing this extraordinary architecture, Bêka immediately requested a filming and stayed at the house to document one week in the life of its owner, who perfectly demonstrated the art of “living”. Living by himself, the film depicts the book-loving Moriyama lying and sleeping wherever he wants— wandering between his domestic space and the communal space. Bêka and Lemoine (The Infinite Happiness (2015), Koolhaas Houselif (2008) were described by the New York Times as the “cult figures in the European architecture world”. They did not get “lost in translation”, and managed to capture the free spirit of the city dweller.

Moriyama House is the work of Japanese architect Ryue Nishizawa, constructed between 2002 and 2005. Built on a rectangular residential site in Ōta, Tokyo, the house consists of ten similar yet separate box-shaped volumes in white, with grass covering the connected land and has no walls in between. Moriyama House showcases a metropolitan version of living within small communities in rural areas.

獎項Awards:2019 London Architecture Film Festival – Best Documentary
2018 Perpignan Festival International du Livre d’Art et du Film – Golden Award

舞踏屋 Butohouse 

*香港首映 Hong Kong premiere screening* 

導演 Director:Ila Bêka, Louise Lemoine
攝影 Cinematographer:Ila Bêka

2020|法國 France|彩色 Colour |34min
英語、日語對白,中英文字幕 In English and Japanese with Chinese and English subtitles 



While visiting the Kuwait Embassy designed Kenzo Tange and taking pictures for that building he admired greatly, Ila Bêka’s eyes were suddenly drawn to an unfinished, rugged house on the same street. It was a house featuring childlike line design similar to the style of Antoni Gaudi. Ila Bêka went into the house and met Keisuke Oka, who was at the time making cement by himself in that house he built. After receiving permission from Keisuke Oka, Ila Bêka quietly recorded him and the house, including the ‘Stone Steps of Hope’ that Keisuke Oka completed before the construction was forced to stop, on camera. Keisuke Oka used to study architecture but later became a butoh dance performer. He took the last seventeen years to build his house at a snail’s pace, incorporating improvisely the idea of physical movement into construction. The silhouette of the house imitates dancers‘ moving bodies as imagined by Keisuke Oka. The stone house is named ‘Ari-masu-tonbi-ru’ (蟻鱒鳶ル), as it symbolizes spirits of roaming ants, swimming trouts and eagles flying in the sky. This is a highly spiritual architectural project with philosophical significance.

This house can be categorized as “self-made dwelling”, which can be traced back to the Edo period. Such buildings were made by farmers who had an unstoppable determination to build their own houses despite their lack of construction experience or money. In modern times, “self-made dwelling” regained popularity in the Japanese architectural community due to promotion by architects including Tenrunobu Fujimori. Keisuke Oka studied architecture at Takayama Architecture Seminar School.  After his proposal was selected in a competition organised by an architecturethe  magazine in 2003, Keisuke Oka embarked on the arduous yet enjoyable journey to realize his architectural ideal, which is still incomplete after twenty years of work.


涅雲奴 Nirvenue

導演 Director:吳家龍 Kal Ng
攝影 Cinematographer:吳家龍 Kal Ng

2018|香港 Hong Kong|彩色 Colour |75min
粵語對白,英文字幕  In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles 

年輕建築師李宏寫信給分手女友李冰,夾在勒柯比意的《西行記》中,概歎走不出相識曖昧眷戀冷淡的兩性困運。對電腦說出失敗話時,屏幕出現集體智能版「李宏」,同一模樣不同處世態度,「他」邀請他進入虛擬世界,跟多個版本「李冰瑩」發展感情關係,一到樽頸可重設再來。「李宏」又教李宏發明「虛擬旅館」軟件,現實裏入住70 平方呎的小室像船體,從回憶庫裏提取美滿旅程。吳家龍延續《夢之旅》(1999)的流徙與在尋覓主題。雙城視覺再走一步,無人的多倫多與淨化的香港在出席與缺席之間引動流轉和想像。


A young architect, Li Wan, wrote a letter to his recently broken-up girlfriend, Li Bing. In this letter, which was tucked between the pages of Le Voyage d’Orient by Le Corbusier, Li Wan lamented that the two of them cannot escape the destined cycle of love, which starts with encounter, flirtation and passion, but always ends in estrangement between lovers. While Li Wan was typing on his computer, a virtual version of himself (created by collective intelligence) appeared on the screen, who looked exactly like the real Li Wan but had an opposite attitude towards the world. This virtual version of Li Wan invited him to enter the virtual world, where he could develop relationships with multiple versions of “Li Bing Ying” and start all over each time these virtual relationships hit a snag. Moreover, this virtual version also taught Li Wan to invent a software called “virtual hotel”, which transformed the 70-square-foot room that Li Wan lived in into a boat that could take him through all the good memories stored in the database. This film shares the common theme of migration and search with Kal Ng’s 1999 film Dreamtrips, while further visualizing the two cities of Toronto and Hong Kong. We can see in this film an empty version of Toronto and a purified version of Hong Kong, which appear and disappear on the screen alternately and create a world of constant flux and imagination.

Influenced by André Bazin’s ‘myth of total cinema’, Kal Ng feels that the ultimate purpose of cinema is to re-present a priori experience of human existence deep down inside. In other words, cinema is never a fully developed invention, but a progressive movement that continuously explores the imagery system. Through his films, Kal Ng focuses on exploring the spatial dimension of how emotional messages are conveyed beyond the narrative through the interaction between human beings and landscape.


【精選短片 Short Videos】

南角 The Southern End

導演 Director:張偉雄 Bryan Chang
2023|黑白 Black and White|18min 
粵語對白,中英文字幕 In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles 


Ting’s hometown was far away, but now she had made her home on Nam Kok Road (meaning “The Southern End”) in Kowloon City. Ting wanted to go around and know the area. The various trivial things she saw on the streets invoked many inner thoughts and monologues in her. When the night came, she wrote down “words about staying”. While she was wandering on the street, she walked past countless walls of silence where time had left marks on.


導演 Director:布澤銘 Anthony CM Po、Adisak Yavilas
2023|彩色 Colour |8min 
英語對白,中英文字幕  In English and with Chinese and English subtitles 


Keith and Mara were having a chat while Mara recalled the time her father accidentally splashed hot tea on her arm. Keith questioned whether the incident actually happened and went on to talk about a dreamlike memory of a burning house in the woods, before he realized the childhood regret hidden in this memory. This film, with most of its images extracted from an artificially intelligent chatroom, is a new attempt of architectural visualization based on morphological choices.


導演 Director:潘子懷 Tsz Wai Pun 
2023|彩色 Colour |13min 
粵語對白,無字幕 Cantonese without subtitles

曾經被說成是世上居住密度最高的九龍城寨,樓宇緊密建在一起形成迷宮,於上世紀九十年代清拆後成為一個公園。一個方格 、一副假牙、一張記憶地圖….;琺瑯質像流失的時空,隱隱閃襯出已消磨的城牆。

Cavity collects traces of a lost city. Once known as one of the most densely populated places on Earth, the Kowloon Walled City was a labyrinth of tightly packed buildings. Demolished in the early 1990s, a park now fills its space. In an attempt to uncover signs of what remains;

a square,

a set of dentures,
a map drawn from memory,

Cavity reveals material objects of lost time, lining the walls of absence.


座談 Seminar

「石屎之詩:認識粗礦主義」Poetry of Concrete: Brutalist Architecture and Cinema

6/5 (六 Sat) |4:30 pm | 香港藝術中心 古天樂電影院 Hong Kong Arts Centre, Louis Koo Cinema    


In this seminar, two young architects from Hong Kong will tell you about the visual rules of an architectural concept called Brutalism, as well as its origin and the history of its rise and transformation. After knowing what is Brutalism, you may look at the buildings of your school and the housing estate you are living in, and think to yourself whether these buildings are “brutalist” enough. Also, you can take an examination of the films you’ve watched to see if brutalist architecture is featured in any of them. Perhaps, through this examination, you’ll understand the reason you fall in love with ___ (fill in the blank).

講者:潘浩倫、Bob Pang
主持: 張偉雄

Speaker: Allen Poon, Bob Pang
Moderator: Bryan Chang 

潘浩倫,香港註冊建築師,TETRA Architects 創辦人。現任香港建築師學會理事會執事及義務財務長,HKIA雙年展基金會聯席主席。威尼斯建築雙年展香港展 2006策展團隊成員,及2013香港深圳城市建築雙城雙年展的執行策展人。Allen 一直致力於在社區推動建築文化。2022年,他為 MOViE MOViE 策劃了《築動我城 Build Our Dreams》Life Is Art 光影藝術祭;過去十年,他亦持續協助薄扶林村社區推行保育運動。

Allen Poon, a Registered Architect in Hong Kong and founder of TETRA Architects, currently serves as an Office Bearer and Honorary Treasurer of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA), as well as the co-chair of the HKIA Biennale Foundation. Allen was part of the Curatorial Team for the 2006 Venice Architecture Biennale Hong Kong Exhibition and served as the Executive Curator for the 2013 Hong Kong-Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture. He is also dedicated to promoting architectural culture within the community. In 2022, he co-curated the “Build Our Dreams” Life Is Art Festival for MOViE MOViE. Over the past decade, he has been actively involved in conservation efforts for the Pok Fu Lam Village community.

Bob Pang為本地駐冊建築師,曾於倫敦、維也納及上海生活。2011-2012期間於日本建築大師磯崎新工作室任項目建築師。2017年 “40 under 40” 優秀設計師得獎者。15年的建築與設計實踐曾贏得多個殊榮,如亞洲MIPIM最佳住宅設計金獎、日本Good Design Award Best 100獎等。近年獲Design Trust與 Leigh and Orange資助,持續研究本地粗獷建築歷史達三年之久。2021年的展覽《粗! -未知的香港粗獷建築》成功引起公眾注意,吸引逾二十家媒體報導。該展覽曾獲香港建築師學會年獎、台灣金點獎標章及英國Dezeen Awards 評審獎。Bob Pang曾受邀在香港M+、大館及倫敦C20 Society分享粗獷建築歷史研究。

Bob Pang is a registered architect in Hong Kong and has lived in London, Vienna and Shanghai. From 2011 to 2012, he worked as a project architect at the studio of Japanese architect Arata Isozaki. In 2017, he is being awarded as “40 under 40” Outstanding Designer Award. With 15 years of architectural and design practice, he won notable awards, including the MIPIM ASIA Best Residential Design Gold Award, and Good Design Award “BEST 100” in Japan. In recent years, he initiated and advocated a research about local Brutalist architectural history for three years, funded by Design Trust and Leigh and Orange. The 2021 exhibition “BRUTAL! – Unknown Brutalism Architecture in Hong Kong” successfully attracted public attention and more than 20 media reports. The exhibition won the Annual Award of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, the Golden Pin Award in Taiwan, and the Judging Award of the Dezeen Awards in the United Kingdom. Bob Pang has been invited to share his research at M+, Tai Kwun in Hong Kong and C20 Society in London.

放映及座談 Screening & Sharing

「空間電影宣言」  A Spatial Cinema Manifesto
導演 Director:吳家龍 Kal Ng
剪接 Editor:吳家龍 Kal Ng

2023|香港 Hong Kong|彩色 Colour |30min
粵語對白,英文字幕   Cantonese with English subtitle


It is a review of spatial films through the period of film history since Andre Bazin proposed ‘A Myth of Total Cinema’, a reflection of the present state of such a trajectory when virtual reality is happening and may redefine the experience of cinema once again.

7/5 (日 Sun) |7:30 pm | 香港藝術中心 古天樂電影院 Hong Kong Arts Centre, Louis Koo Cinema

講者:吳家龍 (獨立電影人,香港大學建築學博士)

Speaker: Kal Ng(Independent Filmmaker)

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收費: 每位$200 




FPS 轉數快 :   (請註明參加者姓名)

其他付款方式請電郵至 查詢

查詢:2375 6618 王小姐/ 石小姐

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九龍城光影拼圖 - 電影+社區文化導賞團(第五回)





收費: 每位$200 





1.     老虎岩變電站

2.     石屋家園/長城片場、友僑片場舊址

3.     侯王廟

4.     賈炳達道公園/國家片場、南國片場舊址

5.     龍城戲院舊址

6.     獅子石道:華南影聯會址、七記

7.     福佬村道:洞天冰室舊址、國際戲院舊址

8.     太子酒店舊址

9.     光藝電影公司舊址

10.  真善美邨、馬頭圍邨

11. 北帝街:天一/南洋/大中華/邵氏父子、大觀等片場舊址